Staff at the Visitor Center answers questions

Probably the most common tourist question we get in the Visitor’s Center is, “How do I get to Luray Caverns?” And the second most common question is, “We’ve just been to the Caverns. What else is there to do around here?” The staff at the Visitor’s Center has a long list of answers to the second question, and in July we gave those answers to 2,250 tourists who walked through our doors (plus 828 out-of-towners who called us.)  Yet there are still a lot of tourists in town we don’t meet—and that’s where we hope our local businesses can step up.  The more information you and your employees can give tourists, the longer they are likely to extend their stay and patronize our businesses and attractions.  You and your employees may not know everything there is to do in the county, but handing someone a Visitors Guide gives tourists a great deal of information they need. If you’d like a stack of Visitor’s Guides to display in your place of business, call us at 743-3915, and we’ll deliver them to your door.  The response, “Beats me,”  is just not a great answer to a tourist’s question.

Luray-Page County Chamber of Commerce 18 Campbell Street Luray, Virginia 22835
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