Visitor describes roads going over Shenandoah National Park as “twisty.”

A gentleman from Culpeper called the Visitors Center last week and said, “Last year I bought some tomatoes from a guy across from a taxidermist in Luray. Do you know who that is?” While they are not directly across from the taxidermist, Willow Grove is pretty close and that’s the answer we gave.  Another gentleman stopped in and told us he was looking for the gravesite of one his ancestors who was a blacksmith here in the 17 th century.  We struck out on that one, but pointed him to a couple of other places that might be able to help.  Then there was the woman from California who wanted to know if the roads going over Shenandoah National Park were “twisty.” Well, um, yes, that’s how you get over the mountain.” Another fellow had sensibly measured the height of his RV, worried that he wouldn’t fit through the tunnel at Mary’s Rock. He was on his way to Big Meadows, so we mapped out an alternate route for him. Fielding questions like these sometimes taxes our knowledge of the area but never fails to remind us of the history, diversity, and pleasures this county provides people all across America.

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